Friday, February 14, 2014


I can't even begin to tell you how EXCITED I am about the NEW CRICUT machine that was just launched on HSN, and will be available March 15th in all Retail Outlets.  What an amazing "toy" this will be for you!  If you think you don't have the "knack" for crafting, just give this baby a try.  It practically does everything for you - except the creative decision-making and finishing touches.  That's where Close To My Heart comes through for you.

We put all of the coordination questions to rest for you.  When you say "I have no clue what to use with that paper", we are here to help.  When you say "I love that accessory, but what will I put it on", here we are again, giving you vast ideas with our terrific line of paper, stamps, supplies, embellishments and home decor items that you can put all together with little "fuss" or "muss".

Want to learn HOW to put it all together?  Let me know via comment or shoot me an email, and I will provide you with my upcoming class schedule.  We have lots of fun playing with all of the products, and you will actually LEARN some things, too - haha! Hope to see you soon - but until then, you can...

Head on over to my Close To My Heart website, where you will find all of our OUTSTANDING Cricut cartridges and the packages we offer to coordinate with them.  Our Cartridges WILL WORK in ALL Cricut machines, so load em' up and get to crafting!