Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Year's Voyager Project - Perfect for Organizing and De-Stashing!


Not that I want to De-stash, because I LOVE PAPER, but this Voyager Project from Kathy Orta's Paper Phenomenon was SOOOOO much fun, and it was PERFECT for the new year ahead... I think... hahaha.

You see... every year, just like you, I set out to be a more organized crafter.  Dreaming of maybe - just maybe finding the time to actually create things that people MIGHT want to buy from me someday.  Welp - this ain't going to be the project I mass produce for great income-gathering purposes, but it will be one I will be happy to make for my closest friends and family.  WHY?   Because it's definitely a labor of love!

WHAT A TREAT this project has been to both create and DECORATE.  For me - that's saying a lot  I have several blank projects laying in wait for my heart to decide which paper to part with for them.  It seems like this process is the most tedious - as I simply love my paper TOO much.  Is that possible?  I didn't think it could be ... but now I know that it is ... definitely.  I finally decided on the Timeless Type Stack by DCWV... and I am more in love with it on this project than I ever could be with it sitting inside the paper pack.

Maybe now, I'll get on a roll and USE the paper in my stash instead of just organizing and SMELLING it all the time.  You know what I'm talking about if you have any quantity of quality paper like mine from Close To My Heart.  Oh yep - I love the smell of new paper... almost as much as my hubby loves his new car smell hahaha... almost.

So Kathy has some wonderful advice in this project... just as she does in all of her projects, including PREP ALL OF YOUR CHIPBOARD AND HINGES before starting to build your project.  What a smart lady!!! This made construction a breeze - literally!!! (thanks also to my heavy-duty paper cutter).  Check out Kathy Orta's Paper Phenomenon for this and other paper crafting projects and techniques!  They are all loads of fun!

I don't want to give this away.  My hubby wanted to take this to my in-laws to show them, but I didn't want to part with it yet.  Since I haven't put the doors on the front that the project calls for, I can call it "Unfinished", right?  Then I can hold onto it until I decide if I need to finish it or not.  Much like a new mommy with her baby, I want it for myself for a while longer - hee-hee!  I love it that much.

Which makes it another...

Keepable Paper Creation!!!