Sunday, October 13, 2013

a Place for Her Children's Memories...

This summer, a coworker of mine showed up for work with exasperation as her children were on their way to Mexico (yes - the country) to visit their grandmother and other close relatives on their own for the first time.  She was so excited for them, and every day, she'd be on baited breath, waiting for them to call or text her with their daily activities, etc.  She missed them sooooo much (but, of course, she wanted them to have a blast!).

Her love for her children and her hope for their enjoyment of their trip to her hometown inspired me to put together this mini album for her.  She told me that they were taking lots and lots of pictures, so I gave her room for lots and lots of pictures :).

Take a small peek at the maze of a book I created for her...

As you can see, it has a LOT of room for pictures.  I used Kathy Orta Files tutorials to create this mini album, and I am amazed that I can create the entire album, including the cover, from paper, chipboard and card stock.  I created the strap that will eventually HAVE to wrap around the album to keep all of her memories together from black DUCK TAPE.  For now, it serves as a very decorative closure with the bling flower I pieced onto the clasp.

I hope she enjoys this album as much as I did creating it for her.  She inspired me to have a lot of fun!

At the time I created this album, I hadn't yet joined Close to My Heart as an Independent Consultant, so the items I used to put this project together were from Michaels, JoAnn's, and Artco (a local scrapbooking store).  I can't wait to create an album using the high quality supplies you'll find inside my Close To My Heart web store.

You, too, can enlist me to create mini albums for you to decorate and fill.  I would be happy to create the shell (or album only) for you.  You can then shop my Close To My Heart web store for coordinated  papers, stamps, inks and embellishments to decorate it yourself!  I'd be happy to custom-design a mini-album for you from start to finish as well.  Contact me at to get one started.  Together, we can create a place for you to preserve the memories you hold close to YOUR heart.

Stay tuned for more creative inspiration coming your way featuring papers, stamps and inks from Close To My Heart.  Meanwhile, visit  for all of your papercrafting needs.

Until Next Time!

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